Young Lady’s Institute (#126)


OUr Young Lady’s Institute (YLI) story

YLI #126 is an organization of Catholic women at St. Anthony's of Padua Church, located in Manteca, CA. We were founded November 7, 1926, and continue to strive to share our princicpals of charity and love to our community and church.

Young Lady’s Institute Story

The Young Ladies’ Institute was founded in San Francisco, September 5, 1887. It was on the occasion of a social visit by Mary Richardson and Emily Coogan to the home of Annie Sweeney that the YLI had its inception. The St. Anthony’s Young Ladies Institute #126 was founded November 7, 1926.

This institute was founded on the Christian ideals of charity and love. We strive everyday to give all that we can to our community, our church and our sisters. We strive to make a difference in everyone’s life.