Santo Niño


Mission Statement

We, the members of Santo Niño Ministry of Saint Anthony of Padua, a faith-filled family rooted in our devotion to the Holy Infant Jesus, aspire to live out His message of love. We are dedicated to serve our parish and our community through prayer and action. We are committed to spread and live the Word of God in order to inspire ourselves, our youth and each other, to lead Christian lives. While promoting the Catholic and Filipino traditions of our culture, we welcome everyone to a weekly devotion through home visitation and annual celebration of the Feast of Santo Niño.

Our History

The Santo Niño Ministry came out of Arise Together in Christ, a faith sharing program which aims to encourage and support the formation of small communities who gather prayerfully to reflect on and share the Word of God, to make better connections between faith and life, and to live their faith more real in family, work, and community life. Cora and Celso Doria facilitated our small group.

When Dave Corder, Director of Faith Formation at Saint Anthony approached them and inquired about what can unite Filipinos in the parish community. “The devotion to Santo Niño” was their quick response. So, the Santo Niño Ministry was born in 2012. Our Ministry carried the name of Filipino American Ministry of Santo Niño (FAMSN) until April 2014 when it was changed to Santo Niño Ministry (SNM)

Home Visitation

It is a devotion wherein the images of the Santo Niño and Blessed Mother are brought to a home of a host family where the images stay for one week. The host family prays the rosary and the novena daily. Novena booklets and rosaries are made available to the hosts.

For more details or if anyone is interested to host please contact:
Cora Doria (209) 679-3748 or Grace Bautista (209) 740-6875