Prayer Shawl Ministry


Our Mission

The mission of the Prayer Shawl Ministry of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is to provide shawls and laprobes to those who are in need of comfort, peace, and/or blessings. Wraps are made with prayer for the recepient woven into every stitch. It is hoped that the wrap will provide spiritually what the recepient needs.

About the Ministry

Our Ministry began in 2004 by Peggy Magnan who had witnessed a shawl presentation in Fremont and was touched by the Spirit to begin one here at St. Anthony of Padua Manteca. The Ministry began with a handful of women being the hands of Christ spreading the love of our Parish and the Church to those who were in need. Today our willing hands have grown to twenty women and we have given almost a thousand wraps.

The Ministry meets once a month to organize the presentations and the assignments of wraps to be made. After the assignments have been given, all gather and pray over the completed projects. Wraps are presented at the end of Mass by a representative of the Ministry with the presiding priest blessing the shawl or delivered personally to those who do not attend Mass for whatever reason. 

Anyone is welcome to belong to our ministry. The ability to knit or crochet is the only requirement. Wraps are completed outside of the meeting time at the leisure of the member. Anyone can request a wrap, it is not just for parishioners. The recepient can be of any age. This request can be made by calling the parish office or emailing to or contatcing any of the members.

We also take on different projects throughout the year; a few examples are the Rachel project where we have provided wraps for those who have completed the healing of abortion retreat. Hats, scarves and wraps are made for those going through chemotherapy, and hats and scarves to provide winter warmth for clients of St. Vincent de Paul.

Wraps are provided for adults fully iniiated into the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation at the Easter Vigil Mass and for those attending Sr. Ann's Grief Support sessions.

The Ministry also makes prayer pockets, a little pouch that holds a small prayer card with the Gaurdian Angel prayer inside. These are made in white and given to infants at the time of their Baptism. Prayer pockets are also made in camoflage for those serving in the armed forces, for law enforcment, or first responders.