Our parish family is growing rapidly and we need to let new members, and current members of the community, know that they are welcome and make them 'feel at home'. Greeters are present with a smiling face at the beginning of each weekend mass to greet people as they come into the church and join us for worship.
Greeters are also needed for special liturgies, such as funerals, sacramental celebrations, and so much more.

· Love St. Anthony’s parish
· Be knowledgeable about the parish and layout (ministries, bathrooms, etc.)
· Know where to go to find information if you are not able to answer a newcomers question.

Time Requirement
· Two to Three hours a month

What is involved?
· Arriving at Church half an hour before Mass time.
· Welcoming people to the Church
· Offering them a Mass leaflet or bulletin
· Collecting the mass leaflets or bulletins after Mass

Ushers are needed at every mass during the weekends and help people find seating as they arrive. Ushers also assist with the offertories, special collections, and being vigilant for security issues.

· A loving smile
· Be able to stand for at least half an hour.
· Be available at least 2-3 times a month during your preferred mass time.

What is involved?
· Arriving at Church at least 20 minutes before Mass time.
· Welcoming people to the Church
· Helping them find seats
· Facilitating the offeratories or other special collections
· Being vigilant for any security issues or vandalism
· Collaborating with other ushers

Please contact the parish office, or Liturgical Director for more information.