• Sr. Ann's Senior Luncheon Celebrate Fall on October 23
      November - Month of Holy Souls
    • November 23, 2014 – Feast of Christ the King


      Ezekiel 34:11-1215-17
      Psalm 23:1-35-6
      1 Corinthians 15:20-2628
      Matthew 25:31-46

        The Church year ends this week with a vision of the end of time. The scene in the Gospel is stark and resounds with Old Testament echoes.
      The Son of Man is enthroned over all nations and peoples of every language (see Daniel 7:13-14). The nations have been gathered to see His glory and receive His judgment (see Isaiah 66:18Zephaniah 3:8). The King is the divine shepherd Ezekiel foresees in Sunday’s First Reading, judging as a shepherd separates sheep from goats.
      Each of us will be judged upon our performance of the simple works of mercy we hear in the Gospel.
      These works, as Jesus explains today, are reflections or measures of our love for Him, our faithfulness to His commandment that we love God with all our might and our neighbor as ourselves (see Matthew 22:36-40).
      Our faith is dead, lifeless, unless it be expressed in works of love (see James 2:20Galatians 5:6). And we cannot say we truly love God, whom we cannot see, if we don’t love our neighbor, whom we can (see 1 John 4:20).
      The Lord is our shepherd, as we sing in Sunday’s Psalm. And we are to follow His lead, to imitate His example (see 1 Corinthians 1:11Ephesians 5:1). 
      He healed our sickness (see Luke 6:19), freed us from the prison of sin and death (seeRomans 8:2,21), welcomed us who were once strangers to His covenant (see Ephesians 2:12,19). He clothed us in baptism (see Revelation 3:52 Corinthians 5:3-4), and feeds us with the food and drink of His own body and blood.
      At “the end,” He will come again to hand over His kingdom to His Father, as Paul says in the Epistle this week.
      Let us strive to be following Him in right paths, that this kingdom might be our inheritance, that we might enter into the eternal rest promised for the people of God (see Hebrews 4:1,9-11).

    • November - The Month of the Holy Souls
      The month of November is dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. The Church commemorates all her faithful children who have departed from this life, but have not yet attained the joys of heaven. St. Paul warns us that we must not be ignorant concerning the dead, nor sorrowful, "even as others who have no hope ... For the Lord Himself shall come down from heaven ... and the dead who are in Christ shall rise.

      The Church has always taught us to pray for those who have gone into eternity. Even in the Old Testament prayers and alms were offered for the souls of the dead by those who thought "well and religiously concerning the resurrection." It was believed that "they who had fallen asleep with godliness had great grace laid up for them" and that "it is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins." We know that a defiled soul cannot enter into heaven.

      Excerpted from Liturgical Meditations, The Sisters of St. Dominic
    • November Reflection - Praying for those departed
      All Souls' Day
      On All Souls' Day, Roman Catholics commemorate and pray for the holy souls in Purgatory, undergoing purification of their sins before entering heaven. It is celebrated on November 2.

      The theological basis for this feast is the doctrine that the souls which, on departing from the body, are not perfectly cleansed from venial sins, or have not fully atoned for past transgressions, cannot not yet attain the Beatific Vision, and that the faithful on earth can help them by prayers, alms, deeds and especially by the sacrifice of the Mass.

      In the early days of Christianity the names of the departed brethren were recorded on tablets. Later, in the sixth century, the Benedictine monasteries commemorated their deceased during Pentecost. In Spain, there was such a day on Saturday before before Pentecost, at the time of St. Isidore (d. 636). In Germany there existed a ceremony of praying to the dead on 1 October. St. Odilo of Cluny (d. 1048) ordered the commemoration of all the faithful departed to he held annually in the monasteries of his congregation. From there, it spread among the other congregations of the Benedictines and among the Carthusians to various dioceses.

      On this day, three requiem Masses are celebrated: one for the celebrant, one for the departed, and one for the Holy Father.

      All About All Souls' Day

      Prayer for the Poor Souls in Purgatory
      V. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
      R. And let the perpetual light shine upon them.
      And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

      Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great
      Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
    • A Reflection on All Souls and Our Souls

      A Reflection on All Souls and Our Souls

      Dan Burke

      All Souls’ Day makes us mindful not only of the death of our dear ones but also of our own. Death is a A Reflection on All Soulspunishment, bringing with it, of necessity, a feeling of pain, of fear, of uncertainty. The saints experienced it, and Jesus Himself willed to undergo it. Thus the Church puts before us passages from scripture most suited to encourage us:

      “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord… henceforth they rest from their labors, for their works follow them.”

      The life of the body dies; the life of the spirit and the good deeds accomplished during life remain; these deeds alone accompany the soul in its journey from this life and render its death precious.

      “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

      This death has been justly defined “dies natalis” and the day of birth to eternal life. Would that our own death might be such! A dies natalis which would bring us into the beatific vision, bring us to birth in the indefectible love of heaven.

      However, by inviting us to pray for the faithful departed, today’s liturgy reminds us that between death and eternal beatitude there is purgatory. Because our works do follow us, and not all of them are good works, or, even if they are good, they are full of faults and imperfections, it is necessary for the soul to be purified from every blemish before being admitted to the vision of God. And yet if we were perfectly faithful to grace, there would be no need for purgatory, for God purifies here below those who give themselves wholly to Him, who let themselves be fashioned and formed according to His good pleasure. Furthermore, purification accomplished on earth has the great advantage of being meritorious, that is, of increasing grace and charity in us, thus permitting us to love God more for all eternity; whereas in purgatory, one suffers without growing in charity. That is why we should desire to be purified during life. But let us have no illusions: even on earth total purification entails great suffering. If now we are not generous in suffering, if here on earth we do not know how to accept suffering, pure and unmitigated, as Jesus did on the Cross, our purification will of necessity have to be completed in purgatory.

      May the thought of that place of expiation rouse our zeal to pray for the souls of the departed, and may it also make us more courageous in embracing suffering in reparation for our own faults.

      Adapted from Divine Intimacy

      Note from Dan: Adapted from “Divine Intimacy” from Baronius Press. If you would like to get the full meditation from one of the best daily meditation works ever compiled, you can learn more here: Divine Intimacy. Please honor those who support us by purchasing and promoting their products.

      Art:   Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, mirror from open source material.

    • Anthony's Angels - Come as you are, leave forever changed
      J.A.M—Jesus and Me
      6th graders –High School…Come build your faith with your friends where there is singing, learning, praying, and eating!  We meet in the Rec. Hall after the 6:00pm Youth Mass every Sunday.
      A.C.T—Acting on Christ’s Teachings
      4th graders & Up…join us as we make a difference in our community, our church, our families, and in our walk with Jesus through different types of service projects.  We meet on the 2nd Friday night of each month. Please check the bulletin for meeting locations and times
      THRIVE—Don’t just survive thrive!!!
       TEENAGERS ONLY!!!  How can teens do more than survive in this world??  How do we thrive??  Come and see on the 4th Friday of each month. Please check the bulletin for meeting locations.

      If you are in the 7th grace or above, please join us in the gym on November 14th at 6:00 pm for our first THRIVE Meeting.  our guest speaker will be Fr. Pat, discussing the dangers of Quija boards and the Occult.  Please contact Diane Lehman in the parish office for more information.
      Hispanic youth group invites you every Friday night from 6:00-9:00 pm.  We meet in Room #7 or the gym.  Please join us for conversation in topics, debates, and community service acts while enhancing your relationship with God.
       Get together with other families and have a great time!  Field trips, movie days, and other activities at the church!  Be sure to watch the web and bulletin for dates and times
      Love and sex…what’s the difference???  Come find out what Saint John Paul ll has to say about that in this 12 week study.  This only happens once a year!!!  There is a course for Junior High Students beginning in January 2015 and a course for High School students that starts in February 2015. 
      M.O.B—Movie or Book
       Coming soon…movie and book club.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming announcements on the web or in the bulletin.
             FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT DIANE LEHMAN AT 823-7197 OR www.st-anthonys.org
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      We are an active faith community of 4,454 families.  As a community, we give ourselves to Christ as He gives Himself to us in the Eucharist, so every person might be a full, active, and conscious participant in His Church, empowered to share and live the Gospel. 

      We are a member of the Diocese of Stockton.  http://www.stocktondiocese.org/
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      Thanksgiving Mass Times
      Wednesday, Nov 26, Bilingual Vigil Mass 7PM

      Thanksgiving Day, 7am, 9am  
      Bring an item from your Thanksgiving meal to be blessed during Mass.

      St. Anthony School http://sasmanteca.org/

    • Upcoming Events
      • Nov 8-30, 2014
        The holidays are just around the corner and that means that the Italian Catholic Federation is baking up their delicious biscotti again! The flavors available this year will be original with almonds, anise with almonds and cranberry without almonds. These bags of delicious cookies make excellent little gifts for family and friends. They come in a beautifully decorated bag for the holidays and are still only $5. Please order early from any ICF member or you can call Anna at 403-7634, Ida at 982-5710 or Marilyn at 612-7770. Priority will be given to all orders first, they may not be available for sale after masses this year.
      • Nov 24, 2014
        10:00 AM
      • Nov 26, 2014
        7:00 PM
      • Nov 27, 2014
        Parish Office is Closed
      • Nov 29-30, 2014
        On the weekend of November 29-30, a group from the Holy Land (Bethlehem & Jerusalem) will be selling religious articles after Masses to support the Catholic Christian minorities in Bethlehem. As a tradition, many of the Catholic families in the Holy Land work in small workshops to produce religious articles from olive wood. In the past, they used to sell their artwork to pilgrims who visit the Holy Land. However, these days they are facing an economic hardship as very few tourists visit the Holy Land due to security issues. Many of the Catholic families immigrated and left the Holy Land. The percentage of Christians in the Holy Land has dropped to less than 2%. The struggles to preserve the Catholic identity of the birthplace of our savior Jesus Christ is a serious concern for Catholics around the world. Sales will be used to help and support the Catholics in the Holy Land and to encourage them not to immigrate.
      • Dec 7, 2014
        Join Bishop Stephen E. Blaire at the 34th Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage and Eucharist Celebration honoring the Blessed Mary of Guadalupe on December 7th. Pilgrimage begins at St. Mary’s Church in Stockton at noon, followed by Mass at the Stockton Arena. For more information please contact the Office of Hispanic Ministry at 466-0636.
      • Dec 20-21, 2014
        Sr. Ann would like to remind all parishioners The Baby Shower for Baby Jesus will be on the 20th & 21st of December at all weekend Masses. Please remember to pick up a gift for baby Jesus while you are busy shopping and bring it to church on the 20th & 21st when you come to Mass.